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"TRAVELLER" - new album available in Poland from March 17!

Travel was always a part of our life, of our musical adventure; it accompanies us for many years and there's no doubt it'll stay that way.

It's a gate that lets us enter the fantasy gardens of unknown cultures and human peronalities.

Opening up to another man, his traditions and history, is one of our main philosophies. It lets us discover uncharted worlds and allows a deep self-reflection.

Kroke is a traveler who for 25 years not only enjoys excursions but also learns a lesson from them and strives to share it with others.

So, welcome to the travel around quarter century's experience of Kroke's musical space through listening to our new 'Traveller' album.

Album premiere in Poland: 17th of March 2017

Concert premiere: 24.04.2017, Cracow, Opera Krakow. Tickets available here.