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Kroke & Urna - tour in Poland

Kroke & URNA Chahar-Tugchi - tour in Poland

Blessed with an extraordinary voice, URNA has the ability to directly communicate with her listeners through her music, transcending all linguistic and cultural barriers with her dynamic, soaring vocals. Her songs evoke the immense grasslands of Mongolia and relate stories about the Nomadic way of life. Born into a family of nomadic herders in the Ordos grasslands of Inner Mongolia, URNA carries the spirit of her homeland in her music as she performs around the world. While being rooted in the traditional music of her homeland, URNA continues to take her music to new directions.Her latest compositions emphasize free, brushstroke-like improvisations, which have been inspired by her many years of experience with other cultures and musicians and her life in the world.

Kroke is a group that has been a roaring success on numerous stages throughout the world for over 25 years. Initially associated solely with klezmer music, in their current works, Kroke draw inspiration from ethnic music using their own improvisations. This way they create their unique style which floates across borders, forms and time. Kroke’s music was not only noticed by a wide audience, but also appreciated by artists around the world.

During six concerts in Poland the audiance will hear not only the latest songs from "SER" album but also liked and famous compositions from the previous albums of the band.

19.09 - Warsaw, Festiwal Skrzyżowanie Kultur 2019 / Cross Culture Festival 2019
22.09 - Bielsko-Biała, BCK - Bielskie Centrum Kultury Dom Muzyki
23.09 - Poznań, Kroke i Urna: Ser
24.09 - Wrocław, Kroke i mongolska wokalistka Urna wystąpią w Starym Klasztorze!
25.09 - Lublin, Urna i Kroke
26.09 - Tarnów, Kroke & Urna - magiczny głos z Mongolii i gwiazda world music